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Our First Blog

By March 29, 2016 Uncategorized

Our first blog

This is new. We’re going to try blogging and see what happens. A friend of my mine that blogs regularly told me it’s like keeping a diary. Just write about things that interest you and come to mind.

I don’t know how often we’ll post, but hopefully every week or two. So our blog will sometimes be about our practice…or maybe a particular patient or medical issue we encountered. It may be about us…or maybe you. Sometimes it will be about something else. Maybe baseball or the movies or about something else that we find interesting. But I can absolutely assure you it won’t be about politics. No drama.

Maybe Dr. Dinwoodie can be convinced to participate. But for the time being it will be mostly me…Dr. Beebe.

So if you read something you like and want to comment, you’re welcome to. If there’s a topic you think might be interesting feel free to offer suggestions. The only promise I’ll make is that I hope it’s interesting…or maybe funny sometimes.


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