• Smile

    Jun 15 2016

    Without question dental problems are the most common issue we deal with in our patients on a daily basis. Pet owners need to understand that it can be very difficult…

  • Things Change

    May 24 2016

      Things Change I’ve been practicing veterinary medicine for over 38 years. I’m only 61. You can’t start as young as I did anymore. Back in the 70’s there was…

  • Thyroid Disease in Cats

    May 04 2016

    If your kitty lives long enough chances are he or she might get this. Hyperthyroidism. It’s an overactive thyroid caused by an benign tumor (adenoma) on the gland. It results…

  • Those roly-poly kitties

    Apr 18 2016

    If I haven’t seen a cat in a while but I see “Nice, roly-poly kitty cat” in my notes I know two things. First, the cat is healthy, and second…

  • Calcium is in my blood

    Apr 04 2016

    I’ve seen many dogs and cats with abnormally high levels of calcium. Keep reading, I’m not trying to be Dr. Smartypants. Trust me. It’s not good to have a pet…

  • Our First Blog

    Mar 29 2016

    Our first blog This is new. We’re going to try blogging and see what happens. A friend of my mine that blogs regularly told me it’s like keeping a diary….